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Patrick Hoelck Makes His EW Cover Debut with Clint Eastwood

'Flags of Our Fathers' Star the latest addition to Hoelck's Expansive Body of Work

Photographer: Patrick Hoelck
Client: Entertainment Weekly
Subject: Clint Eastwood

Patrick Hoelck has been somewhat of an Entertainment Weekly regular as of late, so it makes sense that Photo Editors Audrey Landreth and Michael Kochman chose him to shoot Clint Eastwood for their recent cover promoting his movie Flags of Our Fathers.

Patrick collaborated with his personal retoucher and DigitalFusion Artist, Joe Puleio, to create an amazing portrait of one of Americas most celebrated actors. "When the shot was discussed with Patrick and EW Photo Editor Michael Kochman, it was clear that the priority was not to 'retouch' Clint in the conventional sense, but to work on shaping the color and shadows so they would grab peoples attention on the newsstands," states Puleio. Joe goes on to say "Michael and I were even joking about how so many women still see Clint as such a sex symbol, with his harsh lines and piercing blue eyes... He is just amazing to look at."

Though Patrick Hoelck is rarely star struck, he explains how it was so interesting to shoot Clint. "We were preparing for the shoot and all the actors were on set. Reese Witherspoon was there with her child watching her husband Ryan Phillippe get photographed... There was tons of commotion and noise... and all of a sudden... silence. You could hear an ant yawn... That's when I turned to my assistant, "Hear that? Clint's here." Hoelck goes on to say that on set Clint was like a 'Father Figure' and a true professional. He knew his mark and made it easy for Patrick to pull off what some may have found to be a very difficult shoot.

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