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Coke, Photography and the World

Coca-Cola takes Photographer Mark Edward Harris
and DigitalFusion around the World

Client: The World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA
Photographer: Mark Edward Harris
Subject: The People of the World

Producing the photography for the New World of Coke, a museum centered on the Coca-Cola’s carbonated classic demanded a photographer and production team as dynamic and adventurous as the task ahead of them – a global odyssey to capture the virtue of the Coca-Cola’s worldwide aide and outreach programs.

With a vision to create a Portrait Wall — a photographic exhibit exemplifying some of the many individuals whose lives have been touched and improved through the work of The Coca-Cola Foundation, the Coke team contacted renowned travel and portraiture photographer Mark Edward Harris to consider the daunting project.

The Porttrait Wall at The World of Coca-Cola

When Mark first learned about the burgeoning job, he had some reservations including the worldwide logistics, the requirement for larger than life prints (110% of actual size) and the technology — film or digital. Mark collaborated with DigitalFusion’s Pro Services team to determine just how to pull off this worldwide effort. Mark and the DigitalFusion team determined the job would be best served by medium format digital photography and through the use of DigitalFusion’s HardFilm technology and DF Studio the team could provide Coca-Cola’s creative team timely updates on the shoot.

Mark invited the Coca-Cola team to DigitalFusion’s facility in Culver City, California for an in-person presentation of the proposal. As the Coca-Cola team entered the facility, they were greeted with a 3½ by 5 foot print of Kelly Wearstler whom Mark had previously shot using DigitalFusion’s services. After seeing first hand, the way Mark captured and exposed Kelly Wearstler, the Coca-Cola team knew that they had found their photographer and in reviewing the proposal, they were confident that the combination of Mark’s photography and DigitalFusion’s services would get the job done.

Mark Edward Harris shooting in Mexico City.

Mark, the Coca-Cola team and DigitalFusion Production Manager, Natalie Moy carefully planned the logistics to get the team to all the shoot sites including over 20 cities in 9 countries over a 5 month period. DigitalFusion Capture Technician Justin Ruhl was assigned the project and was tasked with ensuring every shot was digitally captured, safely backed up and then delivered back to the DigitalFusion offices in California for processing and posting online in DF Studio within days of the shoot. Mark would then login to DF Studio to make his edit and then delivery those edits electronically to the client while continuing the worldwide shoot.

DF·PRO Digital Tech, Justin Ruhl on location.

As they traveled the globe, Mark reflects on the experience by recalling that everyone he encountered was enthusiastic about the project, willing to help and cooperate in any way that they could. In West Kenya, the team had to borrow a generator, since and in the Galapagos, as Mark and his crew tried to photograph a sea turtle, one of the endangered species the Coca-Cola Foundation is working to save Mark commented that “we couldn’t bring the turtle to the studio, so we brought the studio to the rainforest.”

Classroom in Kisumu, Kenya

By the time the crew had traversed the globe, each and every shot was already organized and available to Mark in DF Studio including his edits along with the input from the client. Mark then collaborated with DigitalFusion’s Hugh Milstein to visually perfect each shot, compose the exhibit and prepare the 48 foot display for print as a series of 4 by 8 foot panels.

The Final Portrait Wall — View in Detail

The Portrait Wall — a focal point of the recently open World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia — stands as a tribute not only to the vision and photography that made it possible but to the vision and dedication of The Coca-Cola Foundation and their work with individuals, communities, and businesses alike, who are working together to inspire change, catalyze action, and improve lives throughout the world.

For more of Mark Edward Harris' work, visit: markedwardharris.com

Additional photographs from Mark Edward Harris' trip around the world
are featured in his book, Wanderlust:

  • Wanderlust

    Mark Edward Harris

    Wanderlust takes the viewer to visit tribes in northern Vietnam, down China’s Yangtze River, into the tense demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, to the top of Mt. Fuji, through Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, and around the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the exotic islands of the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Harris’s uncommonly keen eye turns photos of people and their environments into seductive images that banish travel photography clichés. The viewer is left with a fresh sense of wonder at the world’s beauty and the artist’s skill.   Get the Book -»