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DigitalFusion Named to American Photo Top 100 in Photography

Clients Art Streiber and James White Join DigitalFusion on The 100 Most Important People in Photography, 2005 — Sometimes it’s what you know, and sometimes it’s who you know. Here are the people you definitely should know.

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DigitalFusion Assists Bringing Comic Book Hero to the Big Screen

Digital Artist Hugh Milstein Designs Elements of the Costume for Spiderman 2 and 3. The Spiderman 2 suit was dreamed up by costume designer Jim Acheson whose film credits include Brazil, Restoration, and Daredevil. But bringing a 2D drawing into 3D reality takes a team. Acheson collaborated with DigitalFusion’s Hugh Milstein to bring Spiderman’s suit to life.

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DigitalFusion·Pro Heads to the Sundance Film Festival

Imagine doing your very first digital shoot at Sundance Film Festival with tons of A-list celebrities for Instyle Magazine. You don’t want to be left out in the cold. DigitalFusion·Pro’s digital technicians were on-set for 11 days as Lisa Romerein shot her...

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