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The Importance of Unit Still Photography

In an age where anyone can easily shoot thousands of pictures, why should television and motion picture productions invest in unit still photography? For many budget-conscious productions, especially independent films or shows, this question leads to skimping on unit...

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Rare Images of Fleetwood Mac Scanned by DigitalFusion

Mick Fleetwood, Legendary drummer, bandleader, and founding member of one of the greatest rock groups of all time announces a new book. Love that Burns – A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood’s account of the early blues era of Fleetwood Mac. The...

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Permissions 2.0: A Mission to Perfect

Earlier this fall, DF Studio released a software update that included Library-based permissions. It was a major release that required extensive back-end work, and development took several months to complete. So far we’ve heard a lot of great feedback, and are...

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