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Claudio Cambon’s Compelling “Shipbreak”

In 1998, Claudio Cambon boarded the Oil tanker SS Minole on her final journey after 36 years of service. Cambon documented the trip with rich black and white film stock and the resulting digital scans form his new book, “Shipbreak”. DigitalFusion scanned, and custom printed the well-preserved black and white negatives.

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Advanced Metadata Technology from DF Studio

In the field of photography, the typical enterprise customer amasses an average of 2-6 TB of information per month, and in just a few months, data can accumulate to overwhelming and unmanageable proportions. One of the most important aspects of managing large volumes... read more

Sean McEnroe Exhibits at the Mondrian

Landscape and Fine Art Photographer Sean McEnroe Presents an Exhibit of his Nepal Images Printed by DigitalFusion. The exhibit, sponsored by Sony and the non-profit CITTA charity organization, is artfully presented, capturing the beauty and strength of Nepal in stunning detail.

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