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Behind the Scenes: DF Studio at the Met Gala

DF Studio Attends Fashion’s Biggest Opening Night For the second year in a row, chose DF Studio to manage the photo storage and traffic for their coverage of the Met Gala. Held annually to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, the... read more

DigitalFusion – As Fine as Art Can Be

By Courtney Saba Recreating fine art with wide format digital printing is a form of art in itself. The process, referred to as giclée, creates a final product so accurate that many would believe it to be an original. The combination of specific hardware, ink, and... read more

DF Studio 2015 Wrap-Up

2015 was great year for DF Studio.  We added some big customers with even greater storage demands.  DF Studio didn’t miss a beat — our distributed architecture on Amazon Web Services automatically scales to meet the need.  We even had plenty of time to build... read more

Claudio Cambon’s Compelling “Shipbreak”

In 1998, Claudio Cambon boarded the Oil tanker SS Minole on her final journey after 36 years of service. Cambon documented the trip with rich black and white film stock and the resulting digital scans form his new book, “Shipbreak”. DigitalFusion scanned, and custom printed the well-preserved black and white negatives.

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