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Rare Images of Fleetwood Mac Scanned by DigitalFusion

Mick Fleetwood, Legendary drummer, bandleader, and founding member of one of the greatest rock groups of all time announces a new book. Love that Burns – A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood’s account of the early blues era of Fleetwood Mac. The...

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Permissions 2.0: A Mission to Perfect

Earlier this fall, DF Studio released a software update that included Library-based permissions. It was a major release that required extensive back-end work, and development took several months to complete. So far we’ve heard a lot of great feedback, and are...

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DF Studio Passes 1 Petabyte of Files Stored

DF Studio has some big news to share! This August, we surpassed 1 Petabyte (that’s 1,000 Terabytes or 1,000,000 Gigabytes) of stored files. That’s a lot of data. To celebrate this milestone, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts about storing files: stay tuned...

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